petit poney tshirt

heart sunglasses

New little ponies t-shirt and new creepers ! That’s all.

Well okay, let me explain : I found these beautiful holographic creepers on SpyLoveBuy, an english website with small prices !
If you like shiny creepers take a look at their selection they have golden ones, silvers ones, etc.
And this little pony t-shirt, so cute ! Recommended by an Instagram follower, I didn’t hesitate a second and ordered it 🙂
To stay in the theme I put my Ann-Kathrin Kuhn unicorns earrings on (that are currently on sale) !


SheInside T-shirt, Topshop Jeans, SpyLoveBuy creepers, Urban Outfitters bag, L’usine à Lunettes sunglasses and Ann-Kathrin Kuhn earings.

my little pony tshirt
unicorn earrings
my little pony tshirt
my little pony tshirt
my little pony tshirt outfit
pom pom bag
creepers holographic
creepers holographic

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