Haut Peplum rose à pois

This weekend I helped (and participed) to the huge empty closet Violette Sauvage with Ludivine 🙂
There was a lot of stand of all kind with a majority of vintage, our passion !
Our stand worked very well, especially for Ludivine who have a big stock of beautiful vintage clothes to sell !
We also made a few purchases, I found a bag, a dress and glasses but I will take pictures soon I promise!
Speaking about vintage, you often ask me where to buy because good and cheap vintage shop are hard to find.
Especially when you’re looking for vintage yes, but real cute and pitch (well for me) and original.
And that’s where Lazybones appears !
I think everyone here must have heard of it because of Audrey Kitching who always have a awesome look and we all say  » where did she get that ? » Well don’t go further, it’s on that website.
Lots of vintage clothes, small prices and often new pieces.
We don’t know what to choose, personally I stared 1h trying to choose!
Finally I loved this cute pink dress, so cute, specially the frill at the waist!
+ My Lazybone look on Lookbok !
Little bonus to end well :
using the code « dickface » you will get a 10% discount on your order !
So hurry up before it’s too late 🙂
Yesterday, Ludivine and I played the models for the website Anet Vintage Club,
here’s a few pictures that I liked !

Ps : The one of me wearing green top makes me look like a maid, I real like this 😉

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