voyage a Londres

Last day in London, Patrick and I started with an english breakfast of course !
Like last year we went to Bill’s.(36-44 Brewer Street, London,W1F 9TB)

earl grey tea london
bill's london soho breakfast

My morning look in total Lazy Oaf(I changed my oufit during the day for a little Primark’s denim dress)

ombre hair pink hair lazy oaf bomber jacket destinations tshirt
lazy oaf destinations tshirt kitty bomber jacket pink hair tattoo finger
lazy oaf jacket bomber details pink hair
lazy oaf kitty bomber jacket and earrings

Selfie in the tube !

Promenade in Bricklane…

brick lane wall street art street style london
rough trade east london
rough trade cafe latte art heart
rough trade Photo Booth london
 london streetart bricklane wall

A cute « wall » on Oxford street !

conversation hearts wall london streetstyle

On the morning I was wearing : a Lazy Oaf bomber via Urban Outfitters, t-shirt and earrings Lazy Oaf  as well.
On the afternoon : the same bomber with a Primark dress and some Coltrane by Jeffrey Campbell.

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