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I always wanted to visit the Château de Versailles and now I have !
My friend Camille who knows the place like her pocket made me visit this huge castle… I was in ecstasy in every room.
I didn’t took my camera this day thinking I wouldn’t do a post but in front of such beauty I couldn’t stop myself to shoot !
So I took a few pictures with my iPhone and a mini video to show you better the pieces 🙂

garden chateau versailles
billet tour chateau versailles
painting chateau versailles
chateau de versailles
chateau de versailles
chateau de versailles

The infamous Chapelle Royale where Kanye West and Kim Kardashian wants to get married ^^

chateau versailles


chateau de versailles

Lunch at Angelina, we’re in Versailles we don’t do half things !

chateau de versailles angelina
camille angelina chateau de versailles

We end the tour with a box of macaroons Ladurée that we eat (but not everything!) on the grass enjoying the sun.

jardin chateau de versailles
jardin chateau de versailles
laduree chateau de versailles

macaron laduree
macaron laduree

Little video of the day 🙂

I was wearing my dress from The WhitePepper (via Asos), Kling bag (via MySweetDressing), Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and Wildfox sunglasses.
Camille’s hat is from Supreme, her sneakers are from Vans x Kenzo. Our nails have been done by This Is Venice.

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