Hello ! 🤙🏻
A new outfit, again in black and white (I promise it wasn’t on purpose!), a look more classical than usual.
I’m so in love with this lace Boohoo top, the collar, the bow in the neck or the big sleeves it’s my latest find.
I associated it with my new Monki jeans, high waisted, cool shape (it’s called Kimomo), raw denim I love it too.
💄 For the makeup I wear the perfect red « Underage Red » by Kat Von D, I love it, it stays for so long and it’s matte also it looks great with my septum jewelry, what do you think ? 😘

Top Boohoo, jeans Monki, bag Balaboosté, socks Monki, sneakers Adidas, and jewelry Balaboosté (ring & bracelet).

boohoo monki
boohoo monki balabooste
boohoo monki balabooste Adidas

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