I promised it, so here it is : my little Bleach London hair dyes review.

bleach london products review

I also tried the dry shampoo, that I like a lot, it’s light and don’t leave « sediment ». I also own the Blullini color : a pastel blue that I haven’t tried yet, along with a shampoo to help fade your color but as I want to keep my pink hair I haven’t tried it too.
The two pink colours I use are Rosé and The Big Pink, a pastel one and a brighter one.

bleach london review
floral hair dryer

To Start I tried Rosé : a perfect pastel pink, for this kind of color is better to have light blond hair,
so my hair color was perfect. Here’s how it looks and styled by Cherry Crown by Lorna.

bleach london review rosé
bleach london review rosé

When it fades it becomes more pale, becoming a bit coral I think it’s really cute. As I directly re-dye my hair when the pink is too pale I can’t be precise about the number of shampoo to do to remove the color. I would say 6 to 7 times. But it can vary depending on your hair.

bleach london review rosé
bleach london review rosé

Now, I use The Big Pink along with Rosé. The darker one covers better my dark blond hair. Here it’s Lorna who dyed my hair, to make a pink gradation, the darker one on top and light one on the lengh, stir them a bit at the middle so you won’t have a rat tail.

bleach london review rosé
bleach london review rosé

Once it’s rinced and dried it’s a bit subtle but you can see better the shades with the braid. 🙂

bleach london the big pink review
bleach london the big pink review

I prefer to do a dark pink so it will stay longer, knowing that the more the color is light the more it will fade faster (logical). With The Big Pink, it becomes lighter slowly and then it becomes closes to Rosé which will become coral etc.

bleach london the big pink review
bleach london the big pink review

I got asked a lot for some advice about keeping your color longer, here’s what I do :
– I avoid washing them too often, only 2 to 3 times per week, the rest of the time I use dry shampoo.
– When I wash them I use lukewarm water, sometimes cold because hot water opens the scale and makes then the color go faster.
– You can also add a little bit of dye in your conditionner or mask, so it will add a bit of pigment while healing your hair 🙂

If you’re in the opposite side and want to remove your color faster here’s what I do :
– Wash your hair more often, every other day by exemple.
– Use hot water, you can also do twice your shampoo instead of one.
– Use anti-dandruff shampoo like Head&Shoulder or dish washing product (not much and use loads of conditionner after!).
I also read that you can rinse your hair with Diet Coca Cola to help fade your hair color but I never tried it ! lol

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