Robe Galaxy

I was looking since a long time for a beautiful galaxy dress in the Christopher Kane style, less expensive of course
and I found it on Etsy by Shadowplay !
Everything is handmade, at your measurements if you need and the fabric is also reversible so 2 dress in 1 !
studded jacket galaxy dress
And with the code HDF10 you can have 10% of discount on your order 🙂
And my new beloved creepers ♡ Lookbook !
creepers underground boots
And I went to the hairdresser to cut my fringe and a beautiful hairstyle by Thomas !
We can’t clearly see but you can visit my Instagram gallery (the icon on the left) to see more details !
Small insight of today’s session (26/01)
Diane ♡
ombre hair
Once again beautiful nails by Lili aka This is Venice !
And good news : two contests are coming on the blog so get ready girls !

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1 thought on “The awkward moment when you don’t wake up feeling like P.Diddy.

  • keiki

    Love those underground bowie boots of yours 😀
    where did you get them from? Are they fit true to size ?

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