Andrea Crews My little pony

It’s by reading Ykone that I learned the news : Andrea Crews celebrates the My Little Pony‘s 30 anniversary by creating a capsule 
collection to their effigy. My heart skipped a beat. A brand that I love with my beloved ponies… what do you want more ?
I had the huge chance to discover this collection in exclusivity, let me tell you that I want everything.
There are in all 30 unique pieces, handmade that will be available at Colette on the 16th September.
For this occasion the concept-store will make My Little Pony the king of their windows for a week.
Une partie de la collection avec la nouvelle génération. A part of the collection with the new generation.

One of my favorites, clouds and rainbows !

Another part of the collection, with the old ponies.

The sleeves in dotted swiss showing my tattoos… that match !

I also discovered some amazing prototypes with hair !

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