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Little pause in the outfits posts for a beauty one, precisely treatments for colored hair. Not so long ago I showed your my new hair color with Tigi (along with my experience in this post), after this I was able to try the Colour Goddess range
to maintain and keep longer my mermaid hair 🌈
As you know it, these colors are semi permanent and so they fade with shampoo, so it’s important to use the right products to look after your hair and keep for the longest time your hair color, especially if the dye is pastel it will go faster

The range Colour Goddess has 3 products : a shampoo, a conditionner and a mask :

The shampoo removes residue and optimise the color vibrance, it will straighten too and make your hair glossy. It will avoid frizz and static electricity. In its ingredients list : coconut oil, as we all know is good for EVERYTHING ! And the smell is divine !
The conditionner will make your hair shiny too, and close the cuticule that was open for the dye and of course will moisturize your hair, they will be soooo sooooooft ! In this one no coconut but almonds that soften the hair (and once again makes it smell so good.
♡ The miracle mask, just like the shampoo and conditionner it will make the color more vibrant, straighten the cuticule for amazing shiny hair and will also close the cuticule to keep the pigments after the color. Along with the almonds it contains shea butter to moisturize your mane. 🦄

colour goddess

After having tried it for more than a month I can only advise you to use it if you have colored hair, the pink dye that I had on my roots usually fades verryyyyyy fast stayed longer, as I write these lines I still have pink hair ! 💓
My hair are softer, shiner I’m so happy ! Thanks Tigi ! 😘

If you want to try Tigi too, let’s meet on my Instagram @iamLazyKat… it’s possible that a giveaway could arrive sooon… with 3 gifts to win and not only products… 😉

colour goddess

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